Pro Kiwi Limited was established in 2016 and specialises in kwifruit orchard management.  It is owned and operated by a local family who is passionate about growing kiwifruit, and has been for many years.  All orchards are located in Te Puke, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.  Pro Kiwi Limited takes pride in all orchards they manage as well as maintaining a reputation for growing kiwifruit to a high standard.


Are you thinking of coming to 'The Bay'?             Do you need work to fund your travels? 


Regardless of the time of year we are on the lookout for staff to fulfill seasonal positions. 


Everyone will have their own employment agreement.  These will be on a casual basis because of the seasonal nature of the work which suits those on a Working Holiday Visa.  These jobs vary; below are some examples of expected positions to be available during the associated time of year.


March - June

Fruit is ready to be picked! Harvest is our busiest time of the year which requires a lot of staff to meet picking time frames. This occurs from March - June


June - September

The fruit is off, now we need to prune the plants for new growth!


JuLy - September

Pro Kiwi Ltd also specialises in orchard development.  A big part of this involves planting young vines.


JuLy - September

Once the vines are pruned the canopies can be "strung" this involves putting wooden poles above the canopy and running strings back down to the vines for canes to grow up


October - February

Now that the weather has warmed up the vines kick back into life and shoot out new growth. One of the first tasks during this time of year is thinning off excess flower buds, Thinning also occurs when the fruit are very small to just before harvest

Vine training

October - February

New growth that occurs during the warmer months of the year often need to be trained to grow in a certain direction, This task varies from working on a development orchard to a fully mature orchard.

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